eneral terms and conditions for tenants

Berliner-Ferienwohnungen ®

Mediation of Apartments


1.The mediation of Apartments gives the order of landlords rooms and apartments.

2.The contractors is not the placement of apartments, but the respective owners of the rooms or apartments.

3.The contract  is limited in time for days.

The contract is not already with the book, but with the written confirmation of the book closed.

4. The rent is under the terms of their respective landlord to pay.

5. A notice from the tenant given in writing; in the dispute has demonstrated the termination.


the termination is declared
The tenant owes the landlord a single global compensation from:

>7 days  before arrive 


< 7 days before arrive

30 %

before arrival time

    of the full sum of the agreement

the tenant remains the right to prove that the landlord a smaller damage.

 Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the rental relationship is – in accordance with the applicable legal regulations – the Amtsgericht (District Court) in Oldenburg, in the federal state of Lower Saxony.

Travel-agreement law: The company Vermittlung von Ferienwohnungen   is not a travel business/tour operator. Therefore, the regulations set forth in the German Civil Law Code on the rights of travel businesses – including liability on the part of such operations - are not applicable.
Severability clause: If any of the aforementioned provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business should be ineffective, this does not affect the remaining provisions. The parties will then attempt to create a permissible provision which most closely approximates that of the intended regulation.
Conclusion of the agreement All agreements are concluded between the tenant and Schwartz Immobilien-Service GbR, located at Achterdiek 66a, 26131 Oldenburg. The Vermittlung von Ferienwohnungen operates a brokerage agency (free of commissions for the guest/tenant) and is entrusted with the organisational processes of Schwartz Immobilien Service GbR.
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